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Added 18th November 2020:

Just for Christmas…….

These are added to our range for Christmas 2020 and will only be available this year.

Christmas Stars

£7.50 each in natural jute and either red or green contrast

Quirky Santa Hat

in wool/alpaca £35

or vegan friendly acrylic £30

Added 14th November:

New Page Added to Menu – ‘Behind the Scenes’

A series of photos and explanations of some of what happens to bring you your lovingly hand crafted goodies

Added 20th October 2020:

All our current products are now listed

Gift Vouchers are now ready to buy too !!

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Please do be patient while we start to make further improvements – we are also very busy crafting lots of handmade loveliness too and unless we somehow get more than 24 hours in each day then it will take a little while as we juggle both!

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