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December 5th 2022

Hoping that you are all getting on well with your preparations for Christmas – this is the season of Advent after all!

There is still time to order handcrafted items from us, so do please consider supporting our small business.

We are still having website update issues, but please do contact us direct by email on contact@holyislandcrafts.co.uk !

Our Facebook and Instagram pages have the most up to date product information – or we can email you photos direct if you are not on social media!

Website Updates

We are having a few technical issues with the website but will be working in the background to try and get this sorted early in the New Year. If you visit a pages that have a maintenance flag at the beginning of them it might change when you next renew the page in your browser. Don’t worry – this is normal as I have to update live!

In the meantime – here are a selection of indoor Ropework Crosses and newly added Lobster Pot inspired ‘net’ shopping bags:

A selection of wall and holding crosses in jute and cotton
Lobster Pot inspired 100% cotton Shopping Bags and Bottle Carrier

The Sun Just Topping a Snow Covered Cheviot in the Distance

The Sky on Fire over the Cheviots – from the field above Cuthbert’s Beach and Island

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