About us

We are a tiny ‘kitchen table’ start up craft business here on the the beautiful Holy Island of Lindisfarne….. well, an ex cupboard in the hall to be more precise!

Our crafts are all handmade here on the island and so far include ropework and yarncrafts. Leatherwork, wirework and others will be added as soon as we get a moment to draw breath.

All our designs are inspired by living, working and worshipping here on the island.

During lockdown we were incredibly lucky to see the island at her tranquil best. Enjoying a very unexpected chance to really spend time out and about when it wasn’t busy, we were finding inspiration for crafting ideas everyday.

Those difficult conversations that many have been forced to have as this pandemic swept through the world early in 2020, caused much soul searching. Eventually that angst crystallised into the realisation that it was time to do something really really enjoyable, even if it meant a drop in income.

So Holy Island Crafts was born!

Pat Tidy is the owner and craftsperson, but in the nature of all tiny start ups everyone gets involved, so her housemate Alison is busy with all the admin and nasty computer based things, freeing Pat to be creative!

Alison, a prolific knitter, says that, ‘No doubt I’ll be adding at least a few knitted items to the shop!’

Pat is very happy that she no longer has to work in the nearby town and can enjoy guilt free time crafting and trying out new things.

Eventually we’ll add a blog here so we can tell you more about the ideas and share the inspirations which are fundamental to the business.