Hand Knitting

About our Traditional Hand Knitting

As with all our hand crafted items, each piece is inspired by living, working and worshipping on Holy Island. All of our knitted pieces are knitted by hand here on Holy Island by either Pat or Alison, to designs created and developed by us. Between us we have around 90 years of knitting experience – which is a huge number! We were both taught to knit by our grandmothers but one of us up north and the other down south, so we knit in very different ways, but they both get the job done. We make sure that all of the work is excellent quality and will not sell things that do not meet our exacting standards. We use a range of yarns and have used our wealth of experience to match the yarns to the project or range. What you see here are our standard pieces, and the range of colours in each piece are held in stock here so we can make to order fairly quickly. We will consider other colours or commissions, depending on our current workload.

Our Ranges

Our traditional hand knitted pieces fall into three main ranges.

The Island Range of hats, headbands, wrist-warmers and cowls are knitted using a gorgeous 65% wool 35% alpaca mix. The wool adds strength and warmth to the yarn and the alpaca adds softness and loft. This makes the whole piece soft and snuggly, and slightly lighter than the pure wool equivalent would be. Wool and alpaca are both natural products and we’ve chosen yarns that don’t use harsh chemicals in their processing, but still maintain a reasonable price point and reliability. Unfortunately they are not British but from Peru, a great fibre producing nation with a long history of producing quality yarns. The colours in our ‘Island Shades’ are held in stock and are all inspired by both the natural and built environments of the Island.

The pieces are knitted in either a good solid aran weight which wears well and is very warm, and also a super chunky knitted in a more fluid and drapey fashion. All the Island Range yarns can easily be hand washed or will stand machine washing on a very cool wool wash cycle, but must not be tumble dried. They are best reshaped while damp and then laid flat on a towel over an airer to dry.

The Vegan Friendly Range uses manmade fibres to cater for those who do not like to use animal products. The stock colour range is a bit brighter than the Island Range as dyes work differntly in man made yarns, but are still evocative of life on the Island. At the moment we have a headband knitted in a premium acrylic chunky yarn which is machine washable, but a hat and wrist-warmers are in development.

Finally, our flagship Heritage Range is truly something just a bit special. The yarns are all natural and are either 100% British from sheep, goat or alpaca to the scouring, spinning and finishing processes, or come from an ethically traded source. We think that is amazing and something that should be encouraged. For these very special yarns we rely on our very local farms and yarn suppliers ( more details on the ‘our suppliers’ page).

Each piece will come with an extra tag telling its own yarny story of where is came from. Some may even be yarn from a single flock so your can trace almost to the actual field that the animal for your item was reared. The patterns we have created and developed for this range are carefully designed to show the best characteristics of each the yarns.

Some pieces may be very limited editions; perhaps from a small batch one off dye lot, a small flock or sheep or even handspun. We have also sourced a few yarns that we can be fairly confident to stock regularly, but are still far from ordinary, so we are able to add these to our catalogue. Currently this including the Celtic Braid Headband knitted in an amazingly light roving wool 100% ‘bred, reared and sheared’, and finished in the UK – mainly in nearby Yorkshire. Another celtic knot pattern for a headband and wristwarmers is in development and we hope to offer a hat fairly soon too.

Sometimes these Heritage Range Items will be advertised on Facebook or Instagram if they are too small an edition to put into our main catalogue.

The Island Range

For information on colour choice and sizes please scroll bottom of the page

Ropes and Eyelets Hat


Size: SL to MM

A slouchy beanie with tassel which is knitted with no seams for exceptional comfort, in the aran weight of our 65%wool/35% alpaca yarn

Inspired by Ropes in the Harbour and the Eyelets found both on boats on the shrouds that support the mast, and on the rope lines of lobster pots.

Available in our Aran ‘Island ShadesTassel can be left off, or replaced with a close fitting pompom

Made to order £35 Order Code C11

Priory Head Band


Size: Fits SL to MM

A warm wool and alpaca headband that is stretchy enough to fit a range of sizes. The pattern bands makes the material thicker over your ears and the rib sections help to stop it sliding about on your head.

Inspired by the carving in the the pillars to the right hand side of the main gateway into the Priory.

Goes well with our Eyelet Wristwarmers

Available in our Aran ‘Island Shades’

Made to order £25 Order Code C31

Eyelet Wristwarmers


Sizes: S/M and M/L Approximately 7.5″ /18cm from bottom to top

Designed to go with either the Rope and Eyelet Hat or the Priory Head Band. The design element of the eyelets are picked out in both the hat and in the central pattern in the headband. A simple thumbless design, lets you slip out your thumb and push the wristwarmers further up your arms if your need to wash your hands without taking your Wristwarmers off and getting cold – an important design feature at the moment!

Photograph is M/L the S/M has an extra row of ribbing either side of the central eyelet feature

If you want a longer mitt with a thumb, take a look at our Heritage Fingerless Mitts

Available in our Aran ‘Island Shades

Made to Order £25 Order Code C26

Fisherman’s Double Brim Hat


Size: available in three sizes – Child, Ladies, Men

Knitted using traditional techniques to produce a very thick, warm hat. This substantial hat uses more yarn than an equivalent ‘normal’ beanie hat, so feels very cosy. It’s particularly good at keeping your ears warm, and, with its fold back brim, at resisting the wind because the finished fabric is so very dense.

Inspired by the sight of thick ropes securing boats up to the edge of the jetty. The cables represent the ropes and the thick, straight rib panels the hard edge of the stone jetty.

Available in our Aran ‘Island Shades

Made to Order Child £35 Lady/Man £ 40 Order Code C32

Temporary Photograph

Ripple Hat


Size: One size fits all adults

A stretchy slouchy beanie style hat with tassel, knitted with no seams in the chunky weight of our 65%wool/ 35% alpaca yarn.

Inspired by the ripples left in the fresh sand once the tide has gone out – which are most pronounced after an onshore or along shore wind. They feel very strange to walk on in bare feet!

Available in our Chunky ‘Island Shades’ (PIctured here in colourway Fresh Sand )

Made to order £35 Order Code C27

Ripple Cowl


Size: One size fits all adults laid flat it measures approximately 14″/ 35cm wide by 12 “/30cm tall

A stretchy slouchy cowl designed without seams for extra comfort, in the chunky weight of our 65%wool/ 35% alpaca yarn.

Inspired by the ripples left in the fresh sand once the tide has gone out – which are most pronounced after an onshore or along shore wind. They feel very strange to walk on in bare feet!

Available in our Chunky ‘Island Shades’ (Pictured here on a damp grey day in colourway Rosebay Willowherb )

Made to order £40 Order Code C29

Gertrude Hat

inspiration:texture inspirations: colour

Size: fits SL to LL

A more structured ‘inverted flower pot’ shaped hat with a brim, in the warm, soft, chunky weight of our 65%wool/ 35% alpaca yarn

Mainly inspired by Gertrude Gykell’s Garden at Lindisfarne Castle, and some of the many posts of flowers outside the fronts of the cottage on the Island this summer. The octagonal crown is inspired by shape of the top of the old coastguard lookout tower on the heugh.

This hat also looks stunning with the addition one of our flower brooches pinned to the side.

Available in our Chunky ‘Island Shades‘

Made to order £35 Order Code C30

Flower Brooch


Approximately 3″ from leaf tip to flower edge

Originally designed as an embellishment for our Gertrude Hat, but these brooches could be added to any hat or headband, worn on a lapel or added to a cloth bag. Made from a mixture of all our Island Range yarns with the addition of cotton yarns and embroidery threads.

This pale pink flower is made from chunky weight wool/alpaca with the leaf in a slightly lighter aran weight. The flower centre is embroidered using 100% cotton. The flower and leaf are very firmly stitched to a brooch pin with safety clips.

Can be made in either all natural fibres or all man made if required.

Available from stock – please ask for a photograph, or made to order in one of our main colour ranges.

From Stock £7.50 Order Code C33

Vegan Friendly Range

Three Braided Plait Head Band


Size: fits SL to MM

A warm headband made out of a chunky weight machine washable premium acrylic. Because acrylic yarns don’t have the insulation properties of natural fibre, this headband is designed with very pronounced raised cable work which helps to trap air next to your ears, making the band warmer than an ordinary unpatterned acrylic band would be.

The yarn is suitable for those who do not want to wear animal products.

Inspired by celtic knotwork patterns seen all around the Island and as a decorative motif in the famous Lindisfarne Gospels

Available in chunky ‘Vegan Friendly’ Colours; can be ordered in bigger or smaller sizes

Made to order £20 Order Code C12

Heritage Range

Celtic Braid Head Band

inpsiration:texture inspiration:colour

Size SL to LM in a thick but extremely light 100% wool roving

This handband is as light as a feather and you can hardly tell you are wearing it but it really keeps the wind out of your ears and your hair out of your eyes. Perfect for windy days on Holy Island but has been successfully trialled in Scotland recently too. The wool is 100% ‘bred, reared and sheared, in UK . It is a mix of fleeces of Blue Faced Leicester sheep, for softness, and Kerry Hill sheep for the very white fleece which helps make vibrant coloured finished products.

Available in all the ‘Chunky Heritage Colours’ shown at the bottom of the page

Hand wash only, reshape while wet. Dry flat and do not tumble.

Made to Order £30 Order Code C13

Triple Twist Braid

size: SL to LM made in a Heritage Aran Wool

Both these limited edition headbands have now been sold, but they illustrate the level of care and detail that goes into producing and sourcing these yarns and choosing the yarns and patterns to complement each other, to show off their best qualities.

on left: a 100% wool roving from Manos del Uruguay, a not-for-profit project helping to improve the quality of life for Uruguay’s rural women through handcrafts and wool since 1968. The skein of yarn had a tag signed by the artisan dyer and the name of the village it originated from.

on right: a single breed 100% wool from Manx Loughtan sheep, the flock is part of the Flexigraze Community Interest Company not for profit organsiation which helps land managers to achieve specalist conservation grazing on local north east argicultural land and and conservation sites. The wool is only available through Fine Fettle Fibres in Felton, Northumberland.

If there is something specific you are interested in ordering or would like help to work out what is right for you, or even just find out what yarns we have in stock just wanting an excuse to be knitted up then just get in touch for a no obligation chat about our lovely yarns.

Made to Order prices range from £35 Order Code C34 to C36

Fingerless Mitts


size : Fits SL to LL

Approximately 9″/ 23cm long

Knitted in a yarn that creates an interesting ombre effect. 100% wool from sheep on the Shetland islands and finished in Yorkshire.

A longer plain version of our Wristwarmers, covering more of the fingers and with a separate fitted thumb and slightly longer length in the arm.

Also available with a button back finger flap to give the best of both worlds – a full cover mitt, but fingers free if you need them.

Available in all four colours of ‘Heritage Shetland Ombre Shades’

Made to order £35 without finger flap Order Code C46

Made to order £40 with finger flap Order Code C47

sorry – forgot to take a photograph before sending the first pair off to their new owner- here are the available colours as a temporary photograpgh


Island Colours – Aran

These are the beautiful Island Colours of Aran weight yarn which is a 65% Wool / 35% Alpaca mix. All the aran weight Island Range items ( Ropes and Eyelet Hat, Priory Head Band, Eyelet Wristwarmers and Fisherman’s Hat) can be knitted up in any of these lovely colours.

Starting with the purpley colour at 3 o’clock and working clockwise we have:

Heather, Orchid, Sea Pinks, Rosebay Willowherb, Sea Grass, Lichen, Fresh Sand, Whinsill, The Deeps ( a dark teal) , Night Skies ( a deep black), Sea Fret and Sea Blue.

To order an item from the Island Range please quote the Item Name, the Order Code number of the style you want, any choice of sizing and then the Colour Name.

Island Colours – Chunky

The chunky weight items in the Island Range ( Ripple Hat, Ripple Cowl and Gertrude Hat) can be ordered in any of these colours.

Clockwise from the middle top:

Sea Grass, Sea Blue, Sea Pinks, Sandstone, Rosebay Willowherb, Fresh Sand and Soft Sand

To order an item from the Island Chunky Range please quote the Order Code number of the style you want and then the Colour name

Vegan Friendly Colours – Chunky

The Vegan Friendly Range ( currently only the Three Braided Plait Head Band) can be knitted in any of these lovely colours.

Starting with the beige colour at 3 o’clock and working clockwise we have:

Fresh Sand, Sea Grass, Rosebay Willowherb, Orchid, The Deeps, Sea Blue, Whinsill and Soft Sand

To order an item from the Island Aran Range please quote the Order Code number of the style you want, and choice of sizing and then the Colour name

Heritage Chunky Colours – Celtic Braid

This is the range of superlight roving 100% wool colours for the Celtic Braid from the Heritage Collection. The wool comes from BlueFaced Leicester and Kerry Hill Cross Sheep and is finished in Yorkshire – part of the Bred, Reared and Sheared in UK series of yarns.

Starting with the lighter pink colour at 3 o’clock and working clockwise we have:

Sea Pinks, Rosebay Willow Herb, Sea Grass, Lichen, Sand, Whinsill,The Deeps ( dark teal blue) Night Skies, White Horses, Pebble, Sea Blue and Heather.

To order a Heritage Collection Celtic Braid Headband please quote the name, item Order Code number C13 and then the Colour name of your choice.

Heritage Shetland OmbreFingerless Mitts With and Without flap

A range of four mixed ombre effect colourways inspired by and designed on the Shetland Islands but perfect for Holy Island too! 100% wool from the Shetland Islands and finished in Yorkshire- part of the Bred, Reared and Sheared in UK series of yarns.

Clockwise from the top:

Stormy Skies, Sunny Rockpool, Weathered Sandstone, Moody Seas


Head Sizes

Our hats and head bands are very stetchy with the rib stitches and cables meaning that they will often fit most adult heads.

If you are not sure about sizing then as you contact us to order we can discuss sizing with you to make sure your finished hat will fit you or your recipient.

AbbreviationFits head sizeInchesCm
CHChild18 – 19 45 – 48
SLSmall Lady2051
MLMedium Lady2153
LLLarge Lady2256
XLX Large Lady2358
SMSmall Man22 56
MMMedium Man2358
LMLarge Man2460
Size Guide for Hats and Head Bands
Please measure your head about and inch above your eyebrows and parallel to the floor – not where you want the hat to fit!

Hand Sizes

AbbreviaitionFits Hand SizeInchescm
SLSmall Ladies718
MLMedium Ladies7 1/219
LLLarge Ladies820
Size Guide for Mitts, Gloves and Wristwarmers
Please measure around the widest part of your hand – normally across the palm just below the knuckles

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