Things we’ve made

This page has lots of snaps of things we’ve made over the years…. and remembered to try and record for posterity!

Some of the photos are from the days of very early digital photography and eventually some maybe scanned from negatives, so the image quality may not be brilliant when viewed on larger screens!

If you recognise something we gifted or made for you, we’d love to hear from you so we can add comments to the photos.

These are obviously not items in our current ranges, but if you really fall in love it may be possible to make you a special commission piece…. it never hurts to ask!


August 2017

Knitted in garter stitch with crocheted buttons.

Made to decorate the doorway of the room we hired at the Black Bull in Lowick when we started a Knit and Natter group there.

It eventually went to Karen and Ritchie in Lowick Stores to decorate their crafting display window for a while!

A Wedding Gift

April 2017

This square was added to a quilt made from recycled knitwear by the Woolly Pedlar… as a traditional wedding gift for a couple who live on a historic narrow boat.

The initials in blocks represents the custom of canal workers inscribing their initials in black grease on a lock gate as a way of proposing marriage, and also of accepting that proposal!

This square of fairisle knitting is being ‘blocked’ after washing. It is pinned to a board over a towel to ensure that the wool dries into the shape required.

Designed by Pat and Alison, knitted by Alison and finished and added to quilt by Pat as it was to be a present from us both.